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  • MS Slammer comes in the Mini, 7", 9" and 13"
  • They come in a waking and diving styles.
  • The MS Eel in 13" in overall length.
  • All come is a multitude of colors. (see colors)
  • MS Slammers can be 1x or 2x (9" and above)
  • The Mini is 9"long including tail, weighs 1.25ozs.
  • The 7" weighs 1.8ozs.
  • The 9" weighs 3ozs.
  • The 13" weighs 3.5ozs.
  • The MS Eel weighs 1.8ozs.
Mike Shaw is taking orders now! Have a custom MS Slammer built for you! 435-216-6879